Info in English about Grunnskoli Seltjarnarness

There is one compulsory school in Seltjarnarnes, Grunnskóli Seltjarnarness in two separate buildings, Mýrarhúsaskóli an Elementary school for 1st – 6th grade and Valhúsaskóli a middle school for 7th – 10th grade students. There are approximately 630 students in total and 120 employees including the principal and two vice principals. The school has excellent sport facilities within the school area: sports arena, swimming pool and soccer fields. The students can take music lessons in Seltjarnarnes Music School, which is part of the Seltjarnarnes school system. A distinguishing factor about Seltjarnarnes is that all services are located within the same area; pre-schools, elementary and middle school, sport and recreational center, library, music school and health care services.

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A Youth Center operates mainly during the school year. The Youth Center offers a variety of after school programs for kids 13-16 years old, such as organized clubs, radio broadcasts, educational programs, travel and more. Seltjarnarnes school focuses on variety in educational methods and in developing and evaluating students. The students are held responsible for their learning in an efficient, incentive and organized way. The school´s objective is to enhance information technology in its curriculum where suitable. Emphasis is placed on attracting and to maintain ambitious teachers and personnel who participate in creating students´ positive image, with focus on mutual respect and good relations. The school emphasizes on student´s healthy ambition, independency and responsibility. In essence the school´s strategy is to develop universal education for each individual student, with positive discipline and effective participation of the school society as a whole.

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